Procedures for Assemblying During COVID-19

Procedures for Assemblying During COVID-19


Effective June 7, 2020 



These guidelines for our assemblies follow the most recent (May 22, 2020) recommendations set forth by the state of Alabama.  They were developed jointly by the elders, deacons and evangelist of the Moody congregation. They are subject to modification as health regulations change, or if any or all of these items prove impractical or ineffective.


Regarding Wednesday night Bible Study


We will continue to conduct our Wednesday evening Bible class via livestream on our facebook page since we cannot maintain proper social distancing in our children’s classes.  We will continue to follow the quarterly material written by Jonathan in line with our 2020 theme of, “Each Day I’ll Do.”


Regarding Sunday Worship --  starting on June 7, 2020


9:00 am – Children’s singing

9:10 am – Start of Worship:  Call to Worship, Announcement of Theme, Opening Prayer

Order of Worship:  

  • Lord’s Supper Devotional
  • Lord’s Supper observance (see #5 under “Health Precautions” below)
  • Singing, Prayer
  • Sermon – Follow Lesson Book as we have been doing on livestream
  • Exhortation for collection – leave contributions in plates in lobby upon leaving building after service
  • Announcements, closing prayer 
  • 10:00 am – Dismissal by section to avoid “bunching” – leave contribution in plate as you leave


Health Precautions for Sunday Assembly


  1. Members with health issues and/or who are over 65 are encouraged to follow the service on the facebook livestream at their homes – however, this is their choice.
  2. All members are to self-screen using the form provided by the state (attached) before arriving at the building – do not attend if you do not pass any portion of the checklist.  Please be diligent about this!
  3. Wear masks while in the building.  We will have masks – and gloves for those want them – on hand at the building for those who do not have them, for those who forgot theirs, and for visitors.  We appreciate Karen Padgett for volunteering to make and bring masks.
  4. Observe six-foot social distancing while inter-acting in the building, including all children.
  5. Members are to sit in family groupings in every other pew.  Pews will be blocked off to ensure compliance.
  6. Members will be given Lord’s Supper kits containing sealed containers that come with grape juice and unleavened bread.  Each family will dispose of their own used kits.
  7. Those who have building clean-up duty (Tim and Jan in June) will use the disinfectant materials we have purchased that are effective against COVID-19, wear gloves (supplied) and focus on high-touch areas such as pews, door handles and light switches, and on the rest rooms and the cry room.
  8. The water fountain will be turned off.
  9. A/C will be set to  “on” while the building is occupied, and turned off when unoccupied.
  10. Usher duties:
    1. Security – monitor front entry 
    2. Greet visitors and give them masks (and gloves if desired), and show them to an available pew.