Useful Links

Useful Links

Websites for further study:

Ferrell's Travel Blog - This is a wonderful blog by Ferrell Jenkins specializing the the Bible Land. It is regularly updated and contains beautiful pictures of the places and things we read about in the Bible.

Best Commentaries - This website ranks the best commentaries on each book of the Bible. Obviously, we cannot agree with everything written in these commentaries. We must always be careful when relying on what others say about scripture.

Sanctify Christ - Doy Moyer is a wonderful student of the Bible and presents his thoughts in a well written, logical manner. He writes about numerous subjects, but Biblical authority is one of his expertise.

Answers in Genesis - The website (which contains a blog by Ken Hamm) is a wonderful tool to fight against the atheistic/evolution agenda.

Bible Gateway - Bible Gateway provides free access to numerous translations of the Bible. 

Five Day Bible Reading Schedule - Are you looking for a good Bible reading schedule? This schedule will take you through the whole Bible in one year while only reading five days a week.

Shaping Hearts for God - This is the Bible class material we are currently using in our children's Bible classes.